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Healing Herbal Teas

This product is not current available.


Join local herbalist, Brigitte Mars, as she introduces you to a wide variety of herbs and botanicals that can be used to create delicious and healthy herbal infusions. Brigitte will discuss a number of common health issues that can be safely and effectively treated using both wild and cultivated plants that you can find right in your backyard or on a quick hike in the foothills. She will review harvesting and drying techniques, and participants will gain an appreciation for the power of plants. Brigitte Mars is an herbalist from Boulder, Colorado, with over 40 years’ experience in natural lifestyles. She lived for two and a half years, on wild edible plants while living in a tipi in the Ozarks, in the early seventies. She is the author of The Desktop Guide to Herbal Medicine, Country Almanac of Home Remedies, Addiction Free Naturally, The Sexual Herbal, The HempNut Cookbook, Rawsome!, and Healing Herbal Teas.