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China Yellow Tea - Organic Yellow Mountain Cloud Mist (Huang Shan Yun Wu )

Large Tin
2.2 oz. - $14.75 $10.00
Current unavailable.

Four Ounce Bag
$24.60 $10.00
Current unavailable.

Eight Ounce Bag
$41.82 $20.00
Current unavailable.

Pound Bag
$73.80 $40.00
Current unavailable.


This organic tea is from the TunXi area in Anhui province. The slightly twisted leaves are more baked, giving it a mellow, less pungent flavor than a classic green tea. The tea is easy and forgiving to brew, with multiple infusions possible. This tea is very floral with a sweet, slightly vegetal flavor. Yellow tea is a rare tea with a long history, made of carefully picked, downy single bud and its adjacent tiny leaves. As the name suggests, both the dry leaves and the infusion are yellow in color, which is aquired by an extra step in the processing where the leaves are gently baked over a charcoal fire. This step brings about complex and subtle changes, softening the grassy and bitter taste that some green teas have and creating a mellow, aromatic cup with a tiny bit of fermentation. This rare tea was an imperial tribute tea in the Tang, Ming, and Qing dynasties.