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Drum Mountain White Cloud White Tea

Large Tin
0.5 oz. - $4.25
Current unavailable.

Four Ounce Bag
Current unavailable.

Eight Ounce Bag
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Pound Bag
Current unavailable.


Drum Mountain White Cloud is an usual tea from the Drum Mountain in Norther Fujian province. This mountain is home to a famous Buddhist monastery that has been harvesting and processing teas for centuries. Harvested high on the peak of the mountain, the tea is shrouded with clouds and mist that filter the sunlight. This type of "shade" growing causes the plants to mature slowly, deepening the flavors and aromas of the leaf. After this meticulous harvest, the Drum Mountain White Cloud is allowed to wither outdoors in the filtered light,resulting in a tea with minimal processing, high levels of anti-oxidants, and a delicious, sweet flavor with a hint of vegetal nuttiness. In comparison to the White Peony, this tea is a bit "greener". The Drum Mountain White Cloud is a very forgiving tea, and difficult to overbrew.