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Tea of the Month Club - Premium - 6 Months

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Designed for the more experienced tea drinker and connoisseur, we are offering our exclusive, premium Phoenix Collection tea as a Tea of the Month Club for six months. You will receive 2 oz of each of our Phoenix Collection teas. The teas on this exclusive list represent some of the most rare, very finest teas the world has to offer. These teas were all carefully chosen by Sara Martinelli and David Lee Hoffman as some of the most exciting and unique teas of the year. David Lee Hoffman has been traveling the remote backcountry of Asia for more than 40 years seeking out the world’s finest rare, organic and wild pure leaf teas. David has been a close friend and mentor for the Teahouse since we opened and his extensive experience and knowledge have been instrumental in the Teahouse tea program. Sara Stewart Martinelli is co-owner of the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, as well as the eight other Three Leaf Concept businesses. Sara’s personal recipes make up many of the exclusive blends at the Boulder Teahouse. She works directly with her importers to ensure the quality of the Teahouse tea selection and painstakingly chooses each tea selection on our menu with great care. The teas of the Premium Phoenix Collection represent the culmination of a lifetime of tea obsession and adoration. We are thrilled to be able to offer them to you. Month 1: Golden Dragon Green Tea Month 2: Competition Grade Tieguanyin Oolong Tea Month 3: Hong Mao Feng Black Tea Month 4: Bi Luo Chun Erji Green Tea Month 5: Golden Bi Lo Yunnan Black Tea Month 6: Phoenix Mountain Oolong Tea