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Book - Tea Leaf Reading for Beginners

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Book - Tea Leaf Reading for Beginners

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Tea Leaf Reading for Beginners: Your Fortune in a Teacup by Caroline Dow This enchanting work relates the pleasures and benefits that you can derive from practicing the venerable art of tealeaf reading. In her lighthearted, conversational tone, Morwyn both informs about tea and stimulates enjoyment of this versatile beverage. It is an eclectic work that also discusses related pastimes—even coffee ground divination for diehard java junkies. Morwyn also offers tantalizing recipes to whet readers’ appetites as well as tips on how to host a tea party as a venue where you can show off your newly-acquired teacup divination skills. Facts about tea as a health drink, herbal teas, and tea as a culinary ingredient add to the reader’s stockpot of data. Customs, superstitions and legends connected with these diversions add spice to the blend. Whether you just now are switching from coffee to tea because of the health benefits, yearn to return to simpler times by learning tealeaf reading, seek to home your intuitive abilities by practicing a new art, or see it as a potential gift for mother, sister, or friend, you will find that Your Fortune in a Teacup fits you to a tee. With a cup of freshly brewed tea, you can indulge in an age-old custom that brings you deep relaxation, healthful rejuvenation—and a sense of wonder as you see what the leaves reveal. In six simple steps, you’ll learn to read tea leaves like a pro. Four sample readings with photos will help you interpret tea-leaf patterns even more easily. You’ll also find hundreds of symbols and their meanings, grouped by theme—from animals and sun signs to travel and trees. —Prepare herbal infusions for better health —Give tea-leaf readings —Host a tea party —Master tea-taking etiquette —Brew the perfect pot